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Left and Right

Left and Right

Learn the difference between Left and Right with this standards aligned, teacher/parent guided lesson app for the iPhone and iPad!
Original song "Left and Right" by the Electrobeats. Used in several preschools!
Learn—Instruction about Left and Right Sides with tip on how to remember which is the left.
Practice—Students will go through drill example and choose left or right based on the instruction
Write/Draw—Students as groups or individuals will press the lever to get a random drawing task that will have to be drawn either on the left or right side of the page. Camera button will take a screenshot of their work.
Play—Sing along or turn the lyrics off and sing the original Left or Right song.

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Device: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99 USD

Educational volume discount available.

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Learning Objectives: Practice recognizing and identifying the left and right sides
Grade Level(s): PK, K
• Learn their left and right hands
• Place objects to the left or right side, as directed
• Sing along and dance to a song that teachers left and right