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American Symbols

American Symbols

Learn about American symbols with this teacher/parent guided, social studies standard aligned lesson full with fun facts.

Students will learn to:
• Identify major American symbols and landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, the American Flag and the Capitol building
• Read and Sing the Star Spangled Banner
• Keywords and definitions
• Free worksheet

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American Symbols Worksheet
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Learning Objectives: Learn about and identify American symbols
Grade Level(s): K, 1. 2

Song Credits: "Hail to the Chief" United States Air Force Concert Band. Publisher(s): Department of Air Force
Photo Credits: American Flag— Photographer: Bobby Mikul; Public Domain
Eagle— Photographer: Steve Maslowski; Public Domain- NCTC Image Library
Lincoln Memorial— Photographer: Kerrie Gallagher
White House— Photographer: Gayna Hoffman-
Capitol HIll— Photos courtesy Architect of the Capitol; Public Domain
Mount Rushmore 1— Photos courtesy of Danny and Gloria Gallagher
Mount Rushmore 2— National Parks Service; U.S. Dept. of Interior; Public Domain
The Washington Monument— Photographer: Kerrie Gallagher
The Statue of Liberty— Photographer: Kerrie Gallagher